• Dispose of A hot weapon * Jersey              Red carnation ****UNIQUE LOOT/EQUIPMENT ITEMS**HOW TO****-- Red Carnation
  • Convenience store  robbery - Bronx****UNIQUE LOOT/EQUIPMENT ITEMS**HOW TO****                                   Slurpee Machine
  • Attack a convoy -Downtown -Recipe box
  • Disrupt a shipment - Jersey - Star of florence
  • Reject godfather mission- Amsterdam - Intelligence  network  +5% gang war  damage ****UNIQUE LOOT/EQUIPMENT ITEMS**HOW TO****
  • Steal and smuggle  island  treasure - Grand  Cayman - (organizer classneeded) -Lucky  pirate  doubloon - +5% mission exp based  on mobb size 
  • Pair of loaded dice - Plat- Bagman missions = +10% cash from gambling  missions 
  • Establish a columbian waypoint - grand cayman - trafficker class -Wine cellar +5max stamina 
  • Enforcer class platinum mastery mission loot - walk in safe- 25% bank fee discount 

*****How to get the Recipe box use 17 thug's then hit next wave till it stop's letting you upgrade each thug  as money build's back up.(same thing for Disrupt a shipment in jersey) For the Star of Florence*****

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