Forum Thread: ***Misson Briefcase Here's What's In Them**

***Misson Briefcase Here's What's In Them**



  • Steal construction materials= Brick
  • Burglarize a home= E364 Beretta 9mm 
  • Strip a car= E 278 ignition puller Gx1 S/P
  • Shoplift from drug store= E222 oxy contin- Gx1 S/P
  • Roll a drunk= E161  Gx1 S/P- P x1 F/P
  • Hustle pool= E105 Gx1 S/P- Px1 F/P
  • Convenience store robbery= P x1 Slurpee Machine 
  • Provive muscle for a loan shark= x1a mission (sock filled with lug-nuts)- S x1 S/P- G x2 S/P- P x1 F/P
  • Sell Smuggled cigarettes= G x1 S/P- P x1 F/P


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Down Town---------------------

  •  Get sanitation contract = teamster
  • Boost a car= 1964 Impala-Bmw- ford gt  
  • Drive get-away car= 1x(Cooperative)auto dealer
  • Establish a business as a front=plat- swiss bank account
  • Attack a convoy= 1 time loot secret sauce recipe
  • Fence stolen jewelry= pair counterfit levis
  • Get sanitation contract= teamster


  • smuggle in undocumented workers-miami = x(  ) foreign muscle
  • Run packages= 1st aid kit
  • Hold up a gun store= winchester94-12gauge shotgun-M1911
  • Smuggle cuban cigars=chobia sublime=speedboat
  • Drive-by shooting= plat (nurse)
  • Infringe on a Weapons-smuggling ring= remington700
  • Full-out war over little havana= x1hired gun


  • Dispose of a hot weapon= ak47 (about 6 out of 10 it will drop) plat-Red carnation
  • Disrupt a shipment= star of florence
  • Dispose of a car for insurance money= ford mustang shelby cobra GT500KR
  • Dispose of a body in pine barrens= metal chain-butcher knife-tonfu-balisong
  • Hold up a liquor store= plat- walk in safe
  • Boost warehouse electronics= surveillance cam-Hi res scanner-cell phone-laptop
  • Engineer a prisoon breakout= x5 jailbirds
  • Fight local unions= corrupt union boss- x1 hired gun


  • Destroy a rival Casino= Bulletproof vest x steel lined trench coat x body armor  plat x1hired gun
  • Cheat at cards= NFL tickets
  • Take over a rival casino = plat- x1real estate negotiator
  • Take care of a high roller =(Plat) x1 F/P
  • Deliver a message = Ignition activated car bomb-(G) x2 S/P


  • Bank heist=Sawed off shot-gun / M1911 Pistol      
  • Elude the treasury agents= Custom lasalle Sedan

Grand Caymen-------------------------------------------

  • smuggle illegal turtle meat= turtle shell


  • Raid weapons Outpost= spetnaz 6p9 - ak47 drops here but not to often-AA/Full Auto shotgun-  An-94 Assault rifle- Bx2/SP-  Barret light fifty-
  • Bribe the police=a crooked museum guard
  • create your own vodka brand=museum security clearance
  • take out a rival weapons smuggler=plat x1 Heckler & koch G36
  • start mail order-bride service=g-x1fp p-x1fp loot x1skilled artisan



  • Smuggle Russian Weapons to Tokyo= (Gold)- Mi8 Helicopter
  • Assassinate Yakuza Shateigashira= (silver) x1Hired Gun - Plat x1H/G
  • Assassinate Yakuza Wakagashira= (Silver) x1 F/P
  • Steal Ancient Samurai Artifacts= (silver) x1 hired gun
  • Sabotage Yakuza Bullet Train= (platinum) x4 hired guns  up to $400,000 pay out a mission use a Saint charity medallioni got $1.07 million +.
  • Order a drive-by on the Yakuza Bathhouse=(gold) x2 skill points
  • Make an example of the Yakuza Shatei = (Bronze) x1 Hired gun  (silver)=x3 skill points- (Gold)- x2 Hired Gun's
  • Smuggle Martial arts weapons to the us= (Bronze) x1 Hired gun
  • Track down the Oyabun= (Bronze) x1 fav point- Silver x2F/P
  • Manage a vending machine route= (Gold) x1Junko
  • Play pachinko= (Plat) x5 Saint Medallion


  • Takeout a corrupt Sergeant= Bronze-2x Police Cruiser's  1X Derringer
  • Patrol little Italy (REG)-Defender class= (loot)- pepper spray -billy club-hockey stick with drywall screws-garrote plat=x1 tactical shield
  • Kidnap a local businessman=silver -winchester94
  • Bank Hold-up= s x1 lincoln town-car

Buenos Airs-----------------------------------------------------------------

  • Find baron= german chain dagger - set of spurs -german officer hat . rare loot drop items
  • Throw paco to the chupacabra = exploding gord - piano string-gold/plated narco pistol- Plat= x4 guided condor missiles-
  • Get into the paco business= G- x5fp
  • Raid a Paco family= G- x3fp
  • Become the Paco King= BX4 SP
  • A deal you cant refuse= goat

Coney Island-------------------------------

  • visit fortune teller= L- first aid kit- Gx1 F/P- Px2 F/P
  • In cold blood= L- armored rolls royce need victim's finger- B x1 S/P- Sx3 F/P
  • Whack a mole=sock filled with lug-nuts,saint martin medallion,saint albert medallion,saint charity medallion, saint damian medallion


                       Market Mission

  • Browse the market= (G) x1 F/p - (P) x1 F/P - bamboo shoots - pot of ancient oil - vial of opium - Rusty QSZ-92 - Type 50 SMG - PF 98 Rocket launcher - 
  • Sell fake tours= (S)x1 S/P - (G)x1 S/P - (P) x1F/P - unsuspecting tourists - Wushu shirt - Que hat - 
  • Shanghai some tourist's= (S)x1 S/P - (P)x1 H/G - Chika -                                       

                         Train Mission

  • Train Station= (P)x1 F/P
  • Question Escorts - Rusty Qsz-92 - Escort - Lotus shoes - (g) x1 s/p - x1 f/p

                         Port Mission

  • Raid a cargo ship= (P) x2 S/P - vial of opium - chinese container ship -
  • Smuggle in illegal worker's= (S) x1 S/P - (P) x1 F/P

                        Resort Mission

  • Engineer an industrial accident=

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