Forum Thread: How do I get what i need to start Gang Wars?

Can someone tell me how to get the Red Dragon for Triad Gang War, the Serbian Dossier for that war, and the Oyabun's Hideout for Tokyo?

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Red dragon you can get from mystery gifts request them from the start war/ triad gang war- request gift's, people need to send you gifts from there 

What about Tokyo? I was able to start those wars for a couple of weeks and now i can't. Don't ever remember having Oyabun's Hideout.

For the Serbian dossier you need to be at-least lvl 36 and you get it in Amsterdam by doing godfather mission's  it will be a loot item.

What if i didn't get it? I finished Amsterdam months ago

you can only start a serbian war 1 time from the info i have gathered.

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